Skills Profile is a

Simple, Precise and holistic

What is Skills Profile ?

Skills Profile, like health profile or financial profile is all about one’s skills or skills of a job.
Skills Profile is a comprehensive and in-depth qualitative and quantitative information on one’s skills.

Skills Profile covers both the dimensions of skills


Functional / Technical Skills
Behavioral or also referred to as Soft Skills

Thus the Skills Profile is a complete and precise mapping of skills covering all aspects of one’ talent or skills profile

Skills are articulated or expressed by

Employee Skills Management

Solutions for Enterprises and HR Software Developers for mapping of skills of jobs and individuals for better recruitment, talent development and management.

Individual Skills Profile

The aim of It’s Your Skills, through the Skills Profiler, is to create a simple and universal way for mapping and depicting of skills of individuals (you and us) and that of jobs.

Your Job Site

Have Your Own Job Site Right away?
A Job Site that approaches recruitment in a
fresh, simple and more effective manner

Student Skills Management

Attracting companies and employers is made more attractive. With SSM you can readily display the skills of the students of your Institution for them to make better choice.

What are the use cases of Skills Profiling?

1Employee Skills Profiling
2 Job Skills Profiling
3Talent Acquisition / Recruitment
4Resource Deployments
5Skills Inventory and Analytics
6Skills Gap Analysis
7Skills Mapping
8Skills Profile API / Web Services
9Skills Library / Taxonomy
10Candidate Comparison
11Your Job Site
12Jobs (such as job providers or companies)
13Individuals (such as employees or applicants)
14Students Skills Management
15List of Skills(Download Skills Database)

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How does all this become useful?

When used universally everyone will be using the same terms or phrases for different skills (Even if they use different words or phrases they get normalized)

The Skills Profile makes it easy to compare job profiles and individual profiles and thus aids better job seeker – job matching

Why is a Skills Profile needed?

Here is a comparison of the difference that Skills Profile brings

Drawbacks of Current HR system

No information on proficiencies in skills
Highly textual and unstructured
Two different templates for jobs and individuals
Every document is in different shapes

IYS Skills Profile Solutions

One common template for jobs and individuals
Simple and precisely focused on skills
Quantification in the form of rating on proficiencies in skills
One same format for all any job seeker, any job provider